Embark on a photographic journey with me as your guide to discover the unparalleled beauty of Madeira, an island brimming with distinctive charm.

25-30 JULY 2024

Created by local photographer Bruno Ázera

Embark on a remarkable 6-day photo tour, unveiling the captivating beauty of Madeira. Together, we will immerse ourselves in the lush landscapes, dramatic coastlines, and unique cultural gems of this enchanting Portuguese island. Whether you’re an amateur photographer eager to enhance your skills or a seasoned pro in search of fresh perspectives, this tour promises an unparalleled opportunity to capture the essence of these awe-inspiring destinations through your lens.

Our journey through the picturesque landscapes of Madeira is thoughtfully designed for ease and tranquility, encompassing all aspects of travel within the tour package. From seamless transportation and carefully selected accommodation, every detail is taken care of to ensure you can focus on what you love – photography.

Pico do Arieiro at sunset, pink and magenta colors, Madeira Island
Pico do Arieiro

While we have a specific itinerary that highlights the best of Madeira, there’s also room for spontaneity. The tour allows for flexibility, enabling us to capitalize on unexpected photographic opportunities we may encounter along our daily adventures. This flexibility ensures that you not only experience the planned highlights but also have the chance to capture the unexpected, adding an extra layer of creativity to your photographic journey.

Join me in exploring the hidden treasures of Madeira, where each day unfolds as a unique chapter in your photographic story, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

These photo tours are always for small groups, a maximum of 5 participants, it’s a one-on-one experience.


single occupancy in private room with a bathroom

25-30 JULY 2024


Bruno Ázera

beginner / amateur / advanced


small hikes are involved


Hotel Melia Madeira Mare

  • Guided by a professional photographer: Benefit from the guidance of a seasoned photographer intimately familiar with the islands’ most picturesque locations, ensuring you capture the perfect shot.
  • Diverse landscapes: Madeira’s rugged volcanic landscape to its emerald-green mountains and terraced vineyards, every day offers a new and captivating backdrop for your photographs.
  • Cultural immersion: Engage with local traditions, interact with the warm island communities, and capture the authenticity of daily life through your camera lens.
  • Small group experience: To facilitate personalized attention, our tour is limited to a small group of passionate photographers, fostering an environment for shared learning and inspiration.
  • Skill enhancement: Refine your technical skills and artistic vision, taking your photography to the next level.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Create a collection of photographs that not only tell a story but also serve as timeless memories of your incredible journey through these Atlantic gems.
  • Professional photo guide (fluent in Portuguese and English)
  • Photographic field instructions
  • Tips and tricks along the day
  • Image reviews
  • Transportation in a comfortable vehicle
  • 5 nights accommodation in a 5 star hotel
  • All Breakfasts
  • Park fees
  • Welcome lunch and farewell dinner
  • Personal accident insurance and liability.
  • Lots of fun
  • Alcoholic beverages and other drinks
  • Snacks, lunch, and dinners are not mentioned in the inclusions
  • Flight tickets to Madeira from the original departure point
  • Visas (if needed)
  • Gratuities for photo guides, local guides, and/or drivers
  • I also advise everyone making travel plans for the near future to book a cancellation insurance
  • Camera (DSLR / Mirrorless)
  • Wide angle lens / midrange zoom / telephoto (optional)
  • Drone (recommended)
  • Tripod (recommended)
  • Comfortable clothes, a waterproof jacket, and hiking shoes
Capelinha de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Madeira
Capelinha de Nossa Senhora de Fátima
Pico do Arieiro at Sunset, Madeira
Pico do Arieiro
Pico Ruivo dead trees
Pico Ruivo dead trees
Fanal Forest

Welcome to Cristiano Ronaldo airport in Madeira Island. Our hotel is located in the main city of Funchal, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. You have some time to relax, I’ll pick you up later for a delicious welcome lunch in a local restaurant. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have and to get to know your fellow travelers a little better.

We head out for our first sunset at Ponta do Sol beach, where we can capture the stunning sunset. We can try different techniques, such as long exposures or drone photography, to create unique images of this scenic spot. There are many possibilities for composition, from the rocky shore to the colorful sky.

Our second day starts at Ponta de São Lourenço coastline, the furthest eastern point of Madeira, with its unique geological formations, rugged cliffs, and vibrant colors that provide fantastic opportunities for the sunrise. 

We head back to our hotel for a delicious breakfast and then go out to discover the charming streets of Funchal. Wander around the old town, where you can admire the colorful, intricate, and diverse mix of old and new architecture.

After lunch we visit the botanical garden of Monte Palace. This magnificent garden is renowned for its stunning collection of exotic plants, beautiful flowers, and breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding landscapes. You will be amazed by the diversity and beauty of this green oasis in the heart of Madeira.

Our last destination of the day is Pico do Arieiro. The ever-changing lighting conditions, combined with its breathtaking panoramic views and the rocky terrain make it a playground for landscape photographers. You can often be above the clouds here.

Our day begins with the breathtaking sunrise at Miradouro do Guindaste, one of the premier spots to witness and capture the first light on Madeira Island. From this vantage point, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of the sea and mountains, with the striking Rocha do Guindaste, a rock formation resembling a crane, commanding attention.

As we navigate the winding mountain roads, our next stop is the old bridge in Faial. Renowned for its cobblestone pillars and arch, surrounded by lush green vegetation, this location offers a captivating subject for your lens, weaving together history and natural beauty.

Our journey continues to the Aguage waterfall, a hidden gem with numerous possibilities for composition. While lesser-known, its beauty is no less captivating, providing a tranquil setting for your photographic exploration.

Post-lunch, we delve into the rich cultural tapestry of Madeira by exploring the traditional houses of Santana, or “casas de colmo.” These houses, with their distinctive design, vibrant decorations, and historical significance, offer a glimpse into the island’s unique heritage. Our journey then takes us to the Queimadas Forest Park, an ideal location to witness the biological richness of the Laurissilva Forest.

As the day unfolds, our final destination is Pico Ruivo, where we’ll witness the sunset amidst ancient trees. The elevated vantage point, coupled with the ever-changing colors of the sky, creates a mesmerizing atmosphere, offering a fitting end to a day filled with exploration and photographic wonders.

The fourth day of our photo adventure on Madeira promises an array of stunning landscapes and unique photographic opportunities.

We kick off the day with a sunrise shoot at Ilhéus da Ribeira da Janela, a site where cliffs rise majestically from the Atlantic Ocean. The rocky shore not only provides a dramatic backdrop but also offers an excellent opportunity for capturing the dynamic motion of the waves through long exposure techniques.

Returning to the picturesque village of Seixal, we immerse ourselves in its natural beauty and the allure of its black sand beach. The panoramic view of the north coastline of Madeira adds an extra layer of visual richness to your photographic exploration.

Our journey continues to the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Chapel, perched atop a hill, creating a striking contrast with its green surroundings. The chapel overlooks the majestic mountains shrouded in dense forest on one side and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The picturesque scene is completed by the typical houses dotting the slopes, especially those in the parish of São Vicente, visible in its entirety from this vantage point.

After a delightful lunch stop at Porto Moniz, renowned for its volcanic natural swimming pools, we’ll delve into long exposure photography in this unique coastal setting.

Our final destination for the day is the renowned Fanal Forest, nestled in the heart of the Laurisilva Forest. This location offers endless photographic opportunities, with its natural amphitheater-shaped clearing. Here, old laurel trees form a dense and peaceful canopy, often enveloped in mist, creating a mystical atmosphere. Fanal Forest is not only a favorite among photographers but also a haven for nature lovers.

Embark on an early morning adventure to a different location at Ponta de São Lourenço, where a small hike promises a rewarding experience for your lens. The effort is undoubtedly worth it as you capture the unique beauty of this stunning spot.

Following the morning shoot, we’ll return to our hotel for a well-deserved breakfast and a couple of hours to rest, recharging for the evening’s exploration.

As the day winds down, we venture to the iconic Cabo Girão, one of Madeira Island’s most breathtaking locations. Perched on one of the highest sea cliffs globally, Cabo Girão offers an unparalleled view of nature’s daily spectacle. Bathed in soft evening light, the landscape comes alive, revealing the intricate details of the cliffs and the lush greenery that envelops this coastal paradise.

Our day concludes with an exploration of one of Madeira Island’s most scenic spots – the Lighthouse Ponta do Pargo, positioned on the westernmost tip of the island. This lighthouse stands proudly on a cliff, providing a stunning panoramic view of the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged coastline, creating a fitting end to a day filled with diverse landscapes and captivating vistas.

Early morning photo session at the Ilhéu de Santa Catarina – a small and scenic islet near Funchal’s coast. The islet features a steep and rocky shoreline, contrasting with the blue Atlantic waters. The ocean and the faraway Madeira coast offer stunning views for your landscape photos.

Enjoy a final breakfast together, reminiscing about the incredible moments shared during the tour. Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye and fly home. Transfers to the airport are arranged based on the hour of your flight with no additional costs.

I hope you cherish all of these amazing memories and fantastic photographs from Madeira.


25-30 JULY 2024


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