Immerse yourself in the beauty of São Miguel, Terceira, Flores, and Corvo Islands, capturing stunning moments along the way. Join this unforgettable journey to discover the unique charm of each island through your lens.

19-28 JUNE 2024

Created by local photographer Bruno Ázera

Embark on a unique 10-Day Amazing Azores Photo Tour, designed for photographers of all levels. My goal is to guide you to the most photogenic locations in the Azores, away from tourist crowds, while ensuring the best accommodations for your experience.

The Azores, a cluster of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic, boast green, remote landscapes and one of the largest whale sanctuaries. This tour provides exceptional photography conditions year-round. Travel effortlessly between São Miguel, Terceira, Flores, and Corvo Islands via private shuttles, commercial flights, and boat rides—all included in the stress-free tour package. Note that the trip to Corvo Island depends on favorable weather conditions.


Immerse yourself in the unique culture, warm-hearted people, and photographic treasures of the Azores. From volcanic villages to whale watching, this tour caters to adventurers of all kinds.

Noteworthy is the proximity of each photography spot, with most just a 25-minute drive or less. Throughout the tour, I’ll share my expertise both in-field and during discussions to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

While a specific itinerary is planned, flexibility is maintained to seize unexpected photographic opportunities. Join me for an enriching journey to capture the unbelievable scenery of the Azores.

These photo tours are always for small groups, a maximum of 6 participants, it’s a one-on-one experience.


single occupancy in private room with a bathroom

19-28 JUNE 2024


Bruno Ázera

amateur / advanced

Mostly Easy

only small hikes are involved


São Miguel / Terceira / Flores / Corvo

Hotel Octant / Hotel Cruzeiro / Villas do Mar

  • Discover 4 island paradises: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of São Miguel, Terceira, Flores, and Corvo, each boasting its own distinct charm and natural wonders
  • Guided by a professional photographer: Benefit from the guidance of a local and seasoned photographer intimately familiar with the islands’ most picturesque locations, ensuring you capture the perfect shot.
  • Diverse landscapes: From the rugged volcanic landscapes of São Miguel to Flores emerald-green mountains and waterfalls, every day offers a new and captivating backdrop for your photographs.
  • Cultural immersion: Engage with local traditions, interact with the warm island communities, and capture the authenticity of daily life through your camera lens.
  • Small group experience: To facilitate personalized attention, our tour is limited to a small group of passionate photographers, fostering an environment for shared learning and inspiration.
  • Skill enhancement: Refine your technical skills and artistic vision, taking your photography to the next level.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Create a collection of photographs that not only tell a story but also serve as timeless memories of your incredible journey through these Atlantic gems.
  • Professional photo guide (fluent in Portuguese and English)
  • Photographic field instructions
  • Tips and tricks along the day
  • Image reviews
  • Transportation in a comfortable vehicle
  • 9 nights accommodation in hotels and guest houses, single occupancy in a private room with a bathroom
  • All Breakfasts
  • Park fees
  • Local flights to transfer between islands
  • Boat ride to Corvo (if the weather permits)
  • Whale Watching
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off from the airport
  • Welcome lunch and farewell dinner
  • Personal accident insurance and liability.
  • Lots of fun
  • Alcoholic beverages and other drinks
  • Snacks, lunch, and dinners are not mentioned in the inclusions
  • Flight tickets to Ponta Delgada from the original departure point
  • Visas (if needed)
  • Gratuities for photo guides, local guides, and/or drivers
  • I also advise everyone making travel plans for the near future to book a cancellation insurance

Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) – The criteria for the kind of work we’ll be doing is a camera that can be operated completely manually to ensure we get the best exposure with interchangeable lenses allowing us to cover a range of focal lengths.

Lenses – I understand that Lenses are a kind of personal subject, although I recommend for the type of photography we are going to do, to bring a focal range between 16mm to 300mm to cover the majority of situations. I typically have  with me a Tamron 17-28mm, a Sony 24-105mm and a Sigma 100-400mm, and it covers everything.

Filters – Graduated filters aren’t mandatory, but if you have a set, feel free to bring them along. Particularly, ND filters can be useful for experimenting with long exposures.

Tripod – For landscape photography I always recommend the use of a tripod. However, today’s new camera stabilization is so good that the need for it is becoming less necessary. I even know pro photographers that do focus stacking hand held.

Backpack – We won’t be doing long hikes, but a good camera backpack is essential. Think comfort, lite and versatile.

Drone – I really recommend bringing a drone. The perspectives you can capture from above are spectacular, especially in the coastline. If you are thinking of bringing one, you should have the ability to manually launch and land your drone, as well as navigate basic flight paths to reach a specified destination from the air. I fly with a DJI Mavic 3 Pro, but even the DJI Mini is enough.

Clothing and Footwear

Waterproof and Windproof Jacket: A high-quality waterproof and windproof jacket is a must-have item, especially along the rugged coastline where ocean spray and sudden rain showers are common. Look for a jacket with sealed seams, adjustable cuffs, and a hood for maximum protection against the elements.

Warm Layers for Cooler Evenings: Evenings can be cool, especially at higher elevations, so be sure to pack warm layers such as a fleece jacket or lightweight down vest to keep you warm and cozy during sunset shoots or night photography sessions.

Quick-Drying Pants: Choose quick-drying pants made from synthetic materials or lightweight hiking trousers that offer both comfort and functionality.

Footwear: I never liked big and heavy hiking boots, I know they offer more protection but for the type of terrain we have, light running shoes are better for the grip. I know this is very subjective but It has worked for me.

Swimwear: We are also visiting Terra Nostra Park, renowned as one of the most beautiful gardens, but they also have hot springs and thermal pools that I recommend that you try it. So don’t forget to bring your swimwear and flip flops. Towels are provided by the Hotel.

Keep in mind that the Azores climate can be very unpredictable, so packing the right clothing is essential for an enjoyable experience.

Welcome to João Paulo II airport in Ponta Delgada. I’ve got your transportation covered to our hotel. Have the morning to relax or explore the charming city. Later, I’ll pick you up for a welcome lunch at a local restaurant—an ideal opportunity to ask questions, bond with fellow travelers, and share in the anticipation of the journey ahead.

In the afternoon, we venture to the oldest tea plantation in Europe, Gorreana Tea plantation. Discover the intricacies of the factory and its scenic surroundings. The unique landscape, shaped by the vibrant green tea leaves, offers endless possibilities for captivating photography.

For sunset we head to picturesque beaches of Santa Bárbara and Monte Verde. Alternatively, we may head to the jagged cliffs of Miradouro do Cintrão, providing a breathtaking view of the north coast and the majestic Sete Cidades volcano in the background. Get ready for a day filled with exploration, delicious cuisine, and the perfect moments to capture with your camera.

The day starts at Lagoa do Fogo volcanic lake, one of the highest points of the island. If you have a drone, take full advantage of it to capture unique perspectives up here.

After lunch, our journey heads west to explore the volcanic crater of Sete Cidades, home to the captivating multi-colored lakes of Lagoa Verde and Azul. It’s a truly incredible sight, providing a sense of the surrounding area. If you’re into adventurous activities, kayaking and paddleboarding are delightful options on these scenic lakes.

Our next destination is one of the Azores’ highlights—the Grota do Inferno viewpoint. While the crater lakes of Sete Cidades can be admired from various vantage points, this spot stands out as one of the best. For those equipped with a drone, capturing Lagoa do Canário from the air reveals an intriguing and visually stunning shape.

For sunset, we head to Mosteiros Beach to capture the last light of the day in a beautiful seascape photography location.

Our morning begins at the Santa Iria viewpoint for a captivating sunrise overlooking the north coastline of the Island. Next we venturing to Lagoa das Furnas—a spectacular crater lake offering opportunities to photograph mud pools and steaming geothermal features.

For lunch we try the famous local dish, Cozido das Furnas, uniquely cooked by volcanic steam. Indulge in the sweet muffins look-alike known as bolo lêvedo, adding a delightful local flavor to our experience.

Our journey continues to the Terra Nostra Park, renowned as one of the most beautiful gardens, featuring inviting thermal pools. Remember to pack your swimwear, as temperatures range between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius, providing a soothing and relaxing experience for the remainder of the day.

Next on our list is the Ribeira Quente waterfalls, where the distinctive brown and orange hues, derived from rich iron waters, make it a must-visit location in São Miguel.

As the day unfolds, we head back to the island’s coastline to capture the mesmerizing colors of the sunset, concluding the day with the perfect photographic moment.

We kick off our morning with a visit to one of my favorite locations in São Miguel, the Vila Franca Islet, renowned for its unique geological formation. This islet features a volcanic crater that has partially collapsed, allowing seawater to enter and form a natural circular pool inside the crater. To capture truly distinctive perspectives, a bird’s eye view from a drone is essential.

Following the sunrise experience, we fly to Terceira Island, home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Angra do Heroísmo. After lunch, we explore the Black Forest, a unique location with dense vegetation where light struggles to penetrate, ensuring every photograph is a one-of-a-kind capture.

A short drive away, we reach one of the island’s highlights, Algar do Carvão, the only volcano in the world that you can walk inside. While tripods are not allowed, be sure to bring your fastest and widest lens for this extraordinary experience.

As we continue our journey, we explore beautiful forest roads, discovering some of the best-hidden gems along the way. Depending on the weather, we head up to Serra de Santa Bárbara for sunset, the highest point on the island and an incredible spot to conclude our day.

Get ready for a day filled with expansive views and captivating seascapes. Our early start takes us to Serra da Ribeirinha, perched atop the southern rim of a volcano, providing a panoramic coastal view. With Serra do Morião and Serra Santa Bárbara on the right, and the backdrop of Monte Brasil, São Jorge, and Pico Islands, it’s a breathtaking vista.

Next on our journey is the picturesque Pico Dona Joana, featuring the unique perspective of Ilhéu das Cabras in the background—one of the most distinctive views in the Azores.

At noon, we reach Praia da Vitória for a truly immersive Azores experience. I invite you to enjoy a homemade lunch at a local family’s restaurant, gaining insight into what life is like in these islands.

Heading to the northern part of the island, we arrive at Ponta do Mistério—an alluring coastal area with a mysterious green-glazed lunar landscape, set against the backdrop of the blue Atlantic Ocean.

Our next stop is the charming summer spot of Biscoitos, known for its wine-growing region and stunning natural pools. The rugged black lava fields, shaped by the relentless waves, create fascinating landscapes.

Saving the best for last, we make our way to Serra do Cume, considered the most beautiful viewpoint in Portugal. Capture the unique “patchwork” view of the island’s interior, where walls of volcanic stones divide farmer fields into square-shaped figures—an epic spot to photograph the last light of the day.

Welcome to the best-kept secret of Europe—the wild and beautiful Island of Flores. After settling into our accommodations and enjoying a quick lunch, our focus turns to the western part of the island.

A short hike takes us to the stunning waterfalls of Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro. Nestled at the base of the waterfalls is an astonishing lagoon, offering a variety of exciting compositions for your photography.

As the afternoon unfolds, we venture to the Fajã Grande environmental protection area for a sunset session at the Poço do Bacalhau waterfall. This location presents an excellent opportunity for aerial photography, so if you have a drone, be sure to bring it along to capture the beauty of this enchanting landscape.

The weather in the Azores, especially in Flores, is notoriously unpredictable, with rapid changes that may require revisiting the same locations. Our second day commences at the natural reserve area of Morro Alto. Here, you can explore the panoramic views of Lagoa Negra (the deepest lagoon in the Azores) and Lagoa Comprida. Additionally, take in the breathtaking perspective of a beautiful straight road that looks remarkable from above.

Our journey continues to Lagoa Rasa and Lagoa Funda, offering a fascinating rugged landscape characterized by differences in altitude and color between the two lagoons.

Heading north, we reach Ponta Delgada town, where we explore the rugged coastline, stopping at viewpoints along the way. The day concludes at the impressive Albarnaz lighthouse, perched on the edge of the cliffs, offering striking seascapes in its surroundings. Be prepared for the unexpected and embrace the dynamic beauty of Flores.

Our day kicks off with a sunrise at the scenic Baía da Alagoa, a rocky bay offering a mesmerizing view of rugged basalt sea stacks as our main subject, with Corvo Island in the background.

Our next stop is the picturesque town of Santa Cruz. Take your time to explore and relish its surroundings before our lunch break. Additionally, there’s a captivating cave that provides an excellent photographic opportunity, with the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean as a striking backdrop. Don’t forget your wide-angle lens; it’s a must for this location.

Heading back, we set out to explore the waterfalls of the western part of the island. A hike is necessary to reach this spot, but the effort is entirely worth it. Once there, you’ll feel on top of the world, overlooking the majestic Ribeira Grande waterfall. Get ready for an adventure-filled day capturing the diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes of Flores.

Depending on the conditions of the Atlantic, our day is dedicated to discovering the Island of Corvo with Carlos Mendes of Extreme Ocidente. The boat ride takes us through the impressive coastline of Flores, showcasing jaw-dropping waterfalls and caves. There’s also a high likelihood of encountering dolphins and other whales during our journey.

Returning to Flores, we wrap up the day with a sunset at the impressive basalt columns of Rocha dos Bordões. The variety of compositions you can create at this location is truly remarkable.

After our final dinner together, it’s time to bid farewell. As the journey concludes, we cherish the memories created and the stunning landscapes explored. Until next time, as you fly home the following day, carry with you the beauty and essence of the Azores.

Transfers to the airport are arranged based on the hour of your flight with no additional costs. We trust that you will hold dear all the amazing memories and fantastic photographs captured during your unforgettable journey through the Azores.

Safe travels, and until we meet again!


19-28 JUNE 2024


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